Business Management and Entrepreneurship

From an idea to a successful company, whatever it takes you will learn everything from validating your idea to forming your team, managing each aspect of your business and raising funds for your business.

Business management and entrepreneurship

Things You Will Learn:

  1. Basics Of Entrepreneurship
  2. How to think about an idea?
  3. Idea Assessment
  4. Conversion of Idea into Reality
  5. Market Research
  6. Initial Investment for Business
  7. Formation of Company
  8. Government Policies and Laws that Effect Business
  9. Legalities of Business
  10. Business Documentation
  11. Work Ethics
  12. Business Communication Skills
  13. Understanding the Business Finance
  14. Business Accounting
  15. Budgets and Budgeting
  16. Business Administration
  17. Business Planning
  18. Fomation of Team
  19. Training of Team
  20. Motivation of Team
  21. Team Work
  22. Human Resources
  23. Product Development and Pricing of Products
  24. Inventory Management
  25. Standardization of Processes
  26. Business Operations
  27. Quality Control and Management
  28. Microsoft Office for Business
  29. Google tools for Business
  30. Customer Relations
  31. Business Relations
  32. Consumer Behaviour
  33. Negotiation, Persuasion and Social ainfluence Skills
  34. Project Management
  35. Industrial Management
  36. Brand Management
  37. Sales and Marketing
  38. Business Growth Strategies
  39. Power of Data
  40. Basics of Data Analysis
  41. Cost Optimization
  42. Increasing Efficiency of Business
  43. How to Tackle Competition?
  44. Raising Funds for Business
  45. Low investment Business Ideas.